Completed Consultation Reports

2011 BW proposals for the management of moorings on the Rivers Lee & Stort, Hertford Union and Regent's Canals

2011 BW consults on changes to Business Licences

Download the consultation (242KB DOC)

This consultation has closed and a report is pending.

2011 Boat licence changes

Download a copy of the consultation paper (PDF 54KB)

2009/10 Mooring policy consultations

Consultation paper A: Mooring policies
Consultation paper B: Local Mooring Strategies
Redacted individual responses to paper A
Redacted individual responses to paper B
Paper A - Quantitative consultation report
Paper B – Quantitative consultation report
Notes from meeting with national user groups discussing consultation results
Background and explanatory note on mooring policies
Mooring policies and their aims

2009/10 Proposals to amend payment discounts

Consultation paper, November 2009
Consultation report, June 2010
Press release, June 2010
Download zipfile (858KB) containing each response (personal details removed)

2009 Boundary Consultation

BW Boundry Map 2009

2008 BW long term moorings: allocating vacancies and setting prices

Final report, October 2008 (109KB PDF)
Download Oct 2008 news release (84KB PDF)

Associated documents:

2007 Boat Licensing (England & Wales)

During 2007 British Waterway undertook an extensive consultation on future boat licence fees. Many boaters and representative groups contributed to this and many good suggestions were made. The result was that BW modified its proposals for licence fees in 2008 and asked the independent British Waterways Advisory Forum (BWAF) to examine each of the suggestions in closer detail.

BW is very grateful to the members of the BWAF Licensing Sub-Group who dedicated many hours to the subject. By studying the 2007 public consultation responses, analysing data and debating options, they gained a deep understanding of the challenges involved in determining a 'fair' boat licensing system.

The BWAF report was finalised during August 2008 and the paper published with BW's response for a further short period of consultation, primarily conducted through national boating organisations.

Our final decision on boat licence fees for 2009 was published by means of this press release on 25th November 2008.

2005/6 Consultation and briefings relating to the licensing of shared ownership boats

  1. Price discrimination in craft-user licence fees (273KB PDF): a report for British Waterways by Oxera, March 2005
  2. The fee structure for boat licences in England and Wales: a consultation, June 2005 (78KB PDF)
  3. Fee structure for boat licences in England and Wales, "White Paper" following public consultation July - September 2005 (114KB PDF), November 2005
  4. Fee Structure for Licences in England and Wales Final Report (58KB PDF) May 2006
  5. Definition of shared ownership for BW licensing purposes (22KB PDF) September 2006

2005 Towpath Mowing Guidelines

  1. Towpath mowing consultation report (366KB PDF)
  2. Towpath mowing guidelines - 2005 (3MB PDF)
  3. Towpath mowing guidelines - 2007 (620KB PDF)

2004 Trial Moorings Code Consultation

2003 Improving Openness and A


  1. Openness & Accountability Narrative Report (365KB PDF) & Appendix A
  2. Openness & Accountability Appendix B (182KB PDF)
  3. Openness & Accountability Appendix C (134KB PDF)
  4. Openness & Accountability Appendix D (60KB PDF)
  5. Openness & Accountability Appendix E (119KB PDF)
  6. Openness & Accountability mailing list (88KB PDF) Report Document

2002/3: Review of craft licensing: final report and conclusions: (A) fee structure (B) licence fees 2003 - 2006.

  1. Craft licensing Initial Consultation - May 02 (77KB PDF)
  2. Craft licensing Consultation Update - August 02 (92KB PDF)
  3. Craft licensing Fee Structure Proposals - Autumn 02 (56KB PDF)
  4. Craft licensing Fee Structure Conclusions Phase1 Sept 02 (134KB PDF)
  5. Craft licensing Fee Structure Conclusion Update - Oct 02 (24KB PDF)
  6. Craft licensing final report - Feb 2003 (107KB PDF)

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