British Waterways Advisory Forum

The British Waterways Advisory Forum brought together a wide range of interest groups with British Waterways executives for twice yearly meetings.

Next British Waterways Advisory Forum Meeting

13th March 2012
BW Hatton Offices

Notes of Past User Group Meetings

BWAF meeting - BW Hatton Offices - 27th October 2011

BWAF meeting - BW Hatton Offices - 6th April 2011

BWAF meeting – BW Hatton Offices - 4th November 2010

BWAF response to 'Setting a New Course'

BWAF meeting - 15 May 2009

BWAF meeting - 14 November 2008

BWAF Boat Licence report - 31 August 2008

A BWAF subgroup has given detailed consideration to the wide range of suggestions which came forward during 2007's Boat Licence Fee consultation. Its report and recommendations for 2009/10 and beyond were finalised at the end August 2008

British Waterways is grateful to BWAF for the thoroughness of its report and the comprehensive nature of its conclusions. BW directors are giving these detailed consideration - BWAF boat licence report (142KB PDF)

BWAF meeting - 16 May 2008

BWAF meeting - 7 November 2007

BWAF meeting - 9 May 2007

BWAF meeting - September/October 2006

BWAF meeting - 17 May 2006

BWAF meeting - 31 January 2006

BWAF meeting - 11 October 2005

BWAF Agenda meeting - 9 September 2005

BWAF Inaugural meeting - 11 May 2005

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